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Lior Yaron

Lior Yaron

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Director Global Customer Project Support
DeLaval International, Sweden

Lior Yaron was appointed to Director Global Customer Project Support at DeLaval in September 2006. He is responsible for providing new large dairy customers with total customised solutions and supporting existing large dairy customers with knowledge and advanced competence training. Before joining DeLaval, Lior worked with a number of dairy farms in Africa, Eastern Europe and China. He has held many different dairy farm management, project design and dairy cattle training positions in more than 10 developing countries.

In 2003 Lior received the "Great Wall Friendship Award" from the Prime Minister of Beijing for supporting the China dairy development. Lior Yaron constantly applies his knowledge and experience to the dairy sector to improve overall dairy farm management and sustainable dairy farming techniques for the future.

Lior Yaron is author and co-author of a number of dairy science publications and books on milk production, dairy farm design and nutrition management. He is also a frequent speaker in seminars related to dairy cow management, design and nutrition.


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Every day millions of dairy animals are milked, fed and maintained by DeLaval solutions in more than 100 countries worldwide – and DeLaval meets with over 10 000 milk producers on their farms. 

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